Redwood City, CA


2019 is going to be a year of expansion for Silicon Valley Style!  Artistic or moody shots will begin to make an appearance on the site in an effort to open things up a bit more.  More changes are on the way and, I’ll let you know as things happen. To that end, it took until the end of November but winter has finally arrived in the Bay Area! Time for rich fabrics, layers, and coats!

San Jose, CA


I came across this guy at La Ultima Parada, held in San Jose at the Mexican Heritage Plaza. He proves that really old guys can still be stylish and dress well.  I love the contrast of his brightly colored serape against the stark black of his suit. Plus anyone who matches their hat to their suit gets maximum style points from me. 

Happy Halloween!

Chicago, IL


This shot, from downtown Chicago, offers two great examples of how to wear a suit for your body type. The gentleman on the right wears a fitted, double breasted, navy blue pin stripe suit. The tapered pant leg updates this classic style and looks fantastic on his lean physique.  The gentleman on the left wears a slightly looser, single breasted suit. The wider pant leg is well proportioned with his fuller thigh and the cropped length and bare ankles give it a casual summer, garden-party feel. The pin stripe gives the suit an air of sophistication. This suit looks great on his stockier frame. These two different suits are equally stylish and look great. This makes it clear that when men dress for the body they have, they look fantastic.

San Francisco, CA

What can I say about this gentleman’s personal style? It is casual, athletic, and hip all at the same time. Great  color with just the right amount of contrast and the hat finishes off the whole look. The fabric of his jacket has a 3 dimensional quality to it the really adds depth and texture. Really nice guy as well.

San Francisco, CA


Shot in the financial district in San Francisco. I like his use of  monochromatic blue tones and his cropped pea coat. The thing that caught my eye as he was walking toward me were his pink sneakers! They are the perfect splash of subtile color. They add a slightly whimsical feel to a super stylish look.